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Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Author/Illustrator: Dr. Seuss

It’s incredible to think about how creative the human brain actually can be, and in this delightful picture book, Dr. Seuss brings this point before his readers with his typical aplomb. He starts out simple, challenges us to think of things we might normally: colors, animals. But before you know it, he’s throwing in creatures and contraptions that never existed before and physics-defying feats of all sorts. All, of course, told in his classic, catchy, rhyming, easy-to-read (phonetically, if nothing else) verse and accompanied by Seuss’s own whimsical and colorful pictures. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! is a great, engaging read for those just learning as well as an excellent reminder for us all of how fun it is to imagine–or even just to ponder all the crazy things you could imagine if you tried.


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