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Insomnia Café

Author/Illustrator: M. K. Perker

Peter used to be an esteemed expert in rare, handwritten books; however, poor choices have caused him to lose trust in that area, and now he’s stuck in an office job that holds no real interest for him. Rather, his haunted, overactive mind keeps him awake until late at night, and then he doesn’t even bother to show up to work on time. One sleepless night, his roamings bring him to Insomnia Café, where he meets a saucy waitress, Angela. Fascinated by his interest in rare books, Angela takes him to a special, secret library . . . one filled with books that are currently being written.

Insomnia Café was quite an interesting graphic novel, although a bit off my usual track. It’s the sort of story in which you’re not actually sure whether it’s a fantasy or if the main character is actually crazy or what–kind of like K-Pax or Shutter Island. There are enough hints that something’s off to clue you in pretty much from the start, but the author keeps you guessing a bit right up to the last chapter. This is a quick read–I finished it in one sitting easily. I must note that it’s best for an older audience (probably at least 18+) for language (a lot), crudeness, and violence. Still, the story was really interesting. The art is also unique; it reminds me almost of newspaper caricatures, that sort of over-emphasized, stylized drawing. So, I would recommend Insomnia Café to adults who enjoy graphic novels with a mystery/drama/thriller sort of feel.

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