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Goodnight, Moon (Supernatural Fanfic)

Author: Dragonflysoul

FanFiction ID: 4179061

Status: Complete (13 Chapters)

My rating: 5 of 5

What should have been a normal hunting trip goes horribly wrong, leaving Dean with a congested, squeaky bundle of . . . four-year-old Sam. Or at least, twenty-four-year old Sam in a four-year-old body. Obviously, the first place to go with this adorable and unexpected turn of events is Bobby’s. Bobby always knows what to do. Suddenly, Dean’s world of monsters and rock-salt-loaded shotguns becomes filled with Fruit Loops, 4T shirts with cute sayings on the front, and screams of childish laughter as Sam’s consciousness begins vacillating between his adult self and his childhood self. Unnerving for all concerned, to say the least. Even moreso when it becomes clear that Sammy is sick, possibly dying even, and they have no way to fix it–especially considering that Dean only has a few months of life left himself, what with that demon deal and all. But whatever these two have to face, they’ll handle it together, no matter what stands in their way.

I think I just have a weakness for cute de-aged character stories; they’re adorable! But seriously, Goodnight, Moon is a great story, and not just for the cuteness factor (although that’s definitely present). There’s a solid plot, with plenty of tension, suspense, and angst–enough so that it fits the Supernatural build quite solidly. But there’s enough humor, familial affection, and cuteness to balance the darkness out well. The writing is a pleasure to read, with a nice flow and a good balance of dialogue and description. I really liked that the author chose a third-person POV; it worked well for this story, especially since we sometimes switched from one person’s perspective to another’s. I think the characterizations were one of the best parts of this story–they were true to character and completely credible, but at the same time, they show a softer side of the characters than we see sometimes. It’s a side that most of the fandom loves, and it’s beautiful to see it fully displayed like this. Dean’s all in big-brother mode, falling back into the role with practiced ease. Sam/Sammy is equally himself, and the interplay between the older and younger sides of his personality is both interesting and well written. And I loved the involvement of both Bobby and Missouri in this story; they’re both great characters! John’s involvement was unexpected, and I kind of have mixed feeling about it. Because it was perfect and cathartic, and it kind of made me hate him less, and he’s one of those characters that I maybe love to hate. . . . But still, like I said, it works with the story and provides a nice cathartic resolution. I would definitely recommend Goodnight, Moon to anyone who loves a good Supernatural fic with lots of brotherly love and humor.

Note: You can find Goodnight, Moon at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4179061/1/Goodnight-Moon.


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Except the Queen

Authors: Jane Yolen & Midori SnyderExcept the Queen

My rating: 3 of 5

Warning: Mature Audience

Fey sisters Serana and Meteora have lived in ageless, carefree youth for uncounted years, but that all changes when one of them accidentally reveals their Queen’s most carefully kept secret. In punishment, the both of them are stripped of everything they have always relied on: youth, beauty, magical power, the freedom of the Greenwood, even the presence of each other. The two are dumped into the human world, miles apart, in the forms of fat, powerless old women. And so, they must find a new way to live, blending in with humanity and seeing humans in a new light. But even the Queen’s curse can’t keep them wholly separated, and in the midst of this new life, the two sisters find new purpose and unity.

So, I’m normally a huge fan of Jane Yolen’s writing, but Except the Queen just didn’t hit me right. I still liked it–a 3-star rating is still a definite like–but I probably won’t ever read it again. I even suspect it’s actually quite a good book, but still. . . . The first part of the story, while they’re still in the Greenwood, was very difficult for me to get into; I had to force myself to read the first 6 chapters or so. It was only after Serana and Meteora became a part of the human world, as they became more human themselves, that I found them at all possible to relate to. The actual structure and build-up of the story was quite good–I think if it had been written just a bit differently (maybe by just Jane Yolen; I’m not familiar with Snyder’s writing), this could have easily been a 4.5- or a 5-star read. I did love that a good chunk of the story is told in letters exchanged between the sisters, and that’s probably one of my favorite aspects of this story. One of the biggest negatives was that the story is told from numerous perspectives that flop from first person to third person to (very weirdly, and just for the Queen) second person. It’s kind of off-putting. Still, for those who don’t mind a few issues along those lines, I do think that Except the Queen is an original, intriguing sort of contemporary urban fantasy that melds intrigue, romance, and the sweet daily lives of two little old lady sisters quite nicely.


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Author/Illustrator: Raina Telgemeiersisters

Coloring: Braden Lamb

Companion to Smile

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Funny isn’t it, how road trips can bring out the best in relationships . . . and the worst, especially between siblings. Raina and her little sister Amara find this out the hard way as they, their mom, and their little brother Will set out from their home in California all the way to Colorado for a family reunion–taking in the sites as they go to make it a properly educational experience, naturally. All that time stuck with each other in close quarters just makes all those annoying quirks stand out even more! But it’s time these two sisters set aside their differences and band together . . . they’re going to need each other.

I love the way Telgemeier weaves her own experiences together into delightful, approachable graphic novels. I loved this in Smile and found it to be consistently the case in Sisters as well. The story is enjoyable, funny, practical, and (perhaps most importantly) transparently human. I’ve had exactly those sorts of problems with my own siblings when we were younger. The people and circumstances are believable, highly individual yet also, in a sense, universal. And did I mention, the story is very funny? Of course, Telgemeier’s art is perfect for the story as well–definitely an American graphic novel style, full of expression and humor. Also a plus, Sisters is really written for the middle-grade demographic (a group that until recently had been largely ignored by those writing graphic novels) but at the same time, it’s a fun read for all ages. Definitely recommended.

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Me & My Brothers

me and my brothersMangaka: Hari Tokeino

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Fourteen-year-old Sakura Miyashita was orphaned at the age of three and has been living quite cozily with her maternal grandmother ever since. But now that her grandmother has passed away, Sakura finds herself truly alone in the world . . . or not. More like, she finds herself in a confusing and overwhelming situation in which her four older stepbrothers–whom she doesn’t even remember–are now her guardians who want to make a happy home together. Add to that the fact that all four are extremely overprotective and think Sakura is basically the center of the universe and . . . well it’s either a recipe for heaps of fun or heaps of mayhem. Maybe both.

Me & My Brothers is one of the first manga I ever read, and it has remained one of my absolute favorites ever since. The story itself is cute but relatively uneventful–a slice-of-life family story that gradually morphs into something of a romantic comedy while still retaining the slice-of-life, family-story feel. Actually, nothing much ever really happens in the plot; it’s totally the characters that carry the story. Which says a lot for the characters, in my opinion, if they can carry the manga for eleven volumes without becoming boring. (Honestly, I think Masashi’s responsible for about 71.8% of that. I think he’s my favorite character of any story, ever. I love that he’s impossibly girly, yet can be ridiculously manly–while still wearing a dress.  I love that he’s an absurd ditz, but that he still works hard for the people he loves. I love that he’s absurdly overprotective of Sakura, yet is an utter pushover for a sob story. He’s a very complex and unexpected character. Okay, enough fangirling . . . Sorry.) Tokeino’s art suits the story well . . . slightly imperfect and somewhat homely, but cute and expressive . . . surprisingly so sometimes. Overall, Me & My Brothers is an incredibly sweet and innocent story which I would definitely recommend.

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