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Edited by Jane Yolen & Martin H. GreenbergWerewolves

My rating: 3.5 of 5

They’re mysterious creatures of the night, weaving their way into legend. They’re magic, the freedom to run wild, unchecked by human bonds. Perhaps they’re also a picture of deep, intrinsic fears . . . of finding you suddenly don’t know someone who was once close to you, or of realizing you don’t know yourself anymore. Whatever the case, werewolves are certainly excellent story-telling material, and the authors in this short-story collection have made the most of the draw of this mysterious creature.

Jane Yolen and Martin Greenberg have always had my respect for being able to pull together excellent short-story collections, and  Werewolves is no exception. Although I wasn’t familiar with many of the authors in this collection, I found the writing to be consistently interesting and enjoyable–particularly notable since some of these stories are the first published works of the authors. (Bonus points to Yolen and Greenberg for including a Charles de Lint story in the collection; he’s one of my absolute favorite urban fantasy authors, and his treatment of the werewolf theme is excellent.) And while I would generally prefer to read a collection with a bit more variety (like Dragons & Dreams, for instance), over a collection entirely focused on one creature, I found there to be a pleasant mix of stories in this volume. There’s everything from dystopian science fiction to historical fiction with a fantasy twist (actually, there’s a wide variety just within this sort of story) to more contemporary slice-of-life stories. I think I particularly enjoyed the takes on historical events with a focus on werewolves–somehow, the authors threw human prejudices against each other into a clearer light in these stories. I do think that Werewolves is an interesting collection of short stories, most recommended for those who enjoy (surprise) short stories and stories about werewolves–it’s probably a bit too much of a good thing if you’re not already interested in the theme, I’d say.

Featured Authors: Debra Doyle, J. D. Macdonald, Ru Emerson, Leigh Ann Hussey, Harry Turtledove, Mary K. Whittington, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Elizabeth Scarborough, Sherwood Smith, Bruce Coville, Marguerite W. Davol, Jane Yolen, Susan Shwartz, Anne E. Crompton, Esther M. Friesner, & Charles de Lint

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