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The Ladyblog Comment Section (Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic)

Author: DragonsandInk

AO3 ID: 8255729

Status: Complete (10 Chapters)

My rating:  5 of 5

Poor Alya! She’s so utterly committed to her work writing the Ladyblog, but the fact is she just doesn’t always get her facts right . . . and who better to set her straight than the two superheroes to whom the blog is dedicated, Ladybug and Chat Noir? Only, instead of coming right out and correcting the Ladyblogger, these two troublemakers create ambiguously-named Ladyblog accounts and begin commenting on Alya’s posts. They maybe go a little crazy, actually. Hijinks ensue, and more is revealed about these two trolls than either of them originally intended.

The Ladyblog Comment Section was such a fun and amusing fanfic to read! As in, I seriously wouldn’t recommend reading it in public if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself by laughing aloud while reading. The whole premise of this fic is borderline crackish, and yet, considering the characters, it’s also just believable. As such, it manages to walk that fine line between the possible and the absurd that makes it absolutely hilarious. I love the way the body of each chapter is split with part of it being actual excerpts from the Ladyblog comments section–complete with Bugaboo and MrWhiskers  flirting, trolling, and playing tic-tac-toe–and the other part being real-life character interactions–mostly Alya bemoaning her troubles and Marinette and Adrien trying to hide their involvement. Very funny, all of it. This is a reveal fic, and I love the way the author handles that . . . because Nino is way smarter and pays more attention than he often gets credit for. I do have to warn that if text abbreviations, terrible spelling, and emoticons bother you, you may find parts of this story annoying; the author does a great job of making the comment section realistic in that regard. But seriously, if you’re interested in a funny (punny?), cute ML fanfic, The Ladyblog Comment Section is a fantastic choice that I would highly recommend.

NOTE: You can find The Ladyblog Comment Section at https://archiveofourown.org/works/8255729/chapters/18916784.

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I’m Back/Animazement 2017

No, I haven’t died, I’ve just been out of town and way too busy to actually read anything much, much less write. Why? I’ve been having an absolute blast at Animazement in Raleigh this weekend. This was my first time at this particular convention, and I have to say I was impressed. It was easily the largest anime con I’ve ever been to by far–the dealer room alone was as big as the entire convention area for some of the cons I’ve attended! Plus, they had a fabulous group of speakers, from fans running fun panels to some really neat cultural panels. Basically, if you get a chance to go next year, do it. I had a lot of fun. But anyhow, I’m back now, so I’ll try to get some actual content up on this site within the next few days . . . just not tonight. 🙂


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EXPIRED | Deal Alert: My Little Pony Humble Bundle/Posting Update

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know (if anyone’s interested) that Humble Bundle is offering a My Little Pony book bundle for the next 9 days. You can find it here. It includes quite a nice selection of comics/graphic novels as well as a couple of art books. Also, if you pay $25, you get a physical book which includes Humble Bundle-exclusive stories. I’m looking forward to reading/reviewing these. 😀

On a completely different note, I’m going to be taking a week or two off from posting–because life’s crazy. Yeah. But I’ll be back soon; I miss you guys too much when I’m gone.


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2015 Goodreads Challenge & Other Year-End Wrap-Up

So it’s been kind of a crazy year for me, both in my personal life and (flowing from that) in this blog. Many apologies for the super-sporadic posting schedule, and also many, many thanks to all of you who have been so supportive in spite of all that. Because of you, it’s been a fun year even with all the craziness. 😀

2015 is the first year that I’ve participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and while it was fun, I don’t think it altered my reading habits much. Or rather, I set my goal back in the spring when I had a lot of time to read, then later in the year when I didn’t have as much time, I got really, really behind. Out of my goal of 180 books I managed to read 140 books or 78%. Oh well, more than numeric success, I truly enjoyed what I read this year. I definitely plan to participate in the challenge again in 2016; I’ll just have to set more realistic goals.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you all in 2016. Hope you have a great New Year!


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Update/Future Plans

Hi, everyone. Currently my schedule is basically insane, what with a full-time job and family responsibilities outside of that. Because of that, I’ve come to the point that I’ll either have to make some changes to my blog or give up blogging entirely (or go insane, but that really doesn’t seem a valid option). And honestly, I love blogging, so giving it up doesn’t seem a valid option either. So I’m making a few changes (which you may or may not even notice; these are as much to shape my own expectations as anything else):

  1. I am no longer accepting requests from writers/publishers to read and review their books.
  2. I’m not going to participate in reading awards/tags anymore. I just don’t have the time and motivation. For those of you who have already nominated/tagged me for ones that I haven’t completed, know that I’m sorry for not getting to them, and I’m still truly honored. You have amazing blogs, and I respect and appreciate your writing deeply. For everyone else, please check out their amazing blogs–they deserve your attention (and if I’ve missed you, I’m sorry; it wasn’t intentional):
    Magda @ maginibooks.wordpress.com
    Matt @ matthew903.wordpress.com/
    Anastasia @ readandsurvive.com/
    Krystallina @ daiyamanga.wordpress.com/
  3. I’m planning to continue posting reviews about once or twice a week (and hopefully eventually catch up on the backlog I currently have). I also want to stay active in the community with commenting and such.

Sorry to have to make these changes, but I think they’ll be for the best all around. I appreciate you all and hope you’ll continue to join me in sharing a love of story together! 😀


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Notifications Issues

So, for the past several days I haven’t been able to access my WordPress notifications. I click on the icon in the upper right, and it just spins trying to load. . . . I’ve left it for over 10 minutes, without it ever finishing. So if I haven’t responded to your comment, it’s not that I’m ignoring you. I really want to read it! I just haven’t even seen that it’s there. Sorry! Hopefully this will be resolved soon. 😦


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Free Spirit Award


Many thanks to Matthew at Matt-in-the-Hat for his gracious nomination for the Free Spirit Award. I can’t tell you how honored I am to be nominated by a blogger whose work I greatly respect and enjoy. Seriously, check out his blog for all kinds of neat stuff about anime, games, and a variety of other interesting stuff!

As for this award, according to my understanding, the rules are that you take the topic given by the person who nominated you and run with it–and of course, include the logo and nominate other amazing bloggers. In this particular case, the topic was also left open, so I’ve decided to ramble a bit about what makes “story” so important to me and how stories have changed my perception of the world.

I’ve enjoyed stories a great deal ever since I was little. My parents used to read aloud to me before I could ever read for myself, and once I could read myself, I began devouring books voraciously. I don’t think I’ve ever really stopped (even when I really should have stopped reading and devoted myself to my college studies, oops).  A lot of people think it’s strange that I spend so much time involving myself in fictional accounts. But I can’t regret the time I’ve “wasted” at all.

Stories open up the world in incredible ways. I have experienced worlds that I could otherwise have never even imagined. Of equal value (and perhaps much greater practical value), I have seen facets of our own world that I would never have seen otherwise, whether it’s times long past or simply slices of life that are outside of my socio-economic boundaries. I have experienced events that I would have otherwise avoided, met people I would have walked away from had I met them in real life. Even better, I’ve seen the world through the eyes and thoughts of hundreds (probably thousands) of different individuals, each with a unique history, a varied perspective. I’ve been allowed glimpses of understanding of people that I would typically judge and avoid.

Which leads to one of the most significant real-life values of story, in my experience. All of those experiences–more than any one person could possibly live in a single life, no matter how rich and busy they are–give a more solid, adaptable framework for perceiving and handling the world and the people in it. It allows you–or at least, has allowed me–to see people in a different light, as individuals with their own ideas and perspectives which may be significantly different from mine in any number of ways. And I think that having that perspective on the world and other people leads to a richer life, even in the mundane and the everyday.

Furthermore, stories must be credible to some extent for readers to accept them. Maybe the actual events in the story are complete fantasy, but even fantasies must be true to the basic premises the authors set at the beginning for them. And good stories, no matter how fantastic, display truths about life in a way that makes those truths more accessible. This might just be one of the things I love most about a good story: that moment when it’s like “oh, I get it.” Add up enough of those moments, those truths, and incorporate them into your understanding, and you can gain a certain understanding, possibly even wisdom of a sort.

I can certainly say that stories have changed my own life for the better in innumerable ways, which is one of the reasons I gladly share them with the community here.

And after my extensive rambling, I would like to nominate the following blogs. I’d like to know what’s on your mind, so I think I’ll also leave the topic open. Feel free to participate or not (I’m not sure all of you usually do blogging awards, but you deserve the award anyway for your amazing writing. :D):


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