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FiND YOTSUBA (Artbook)

Illustrations by Kiyohiko Azuma/Photography by Miho Kakuta

My rating: 5 of 5

This gorgeous, adorable artbook features photographs from Japan, mostly of somewhat rural settings and everyday situations. And inserted into each and every photograph is an illustration of the world’s most amusing and cute kiddo ever–Yotsuba! Suddenly, each picture is both beautiful and fun.

Yotsuba&! is one of my absolute favorite stories, manga or otherwise. So naturally, I was delighted to discover there was an artbook available. But wow, FiND YOTSUBA surpassed my expectations. The photos themselves are a fabulous window into everyday Japanese life; they’re lovely. And the way Azuma-sensei fits Yotsuba into the pictures is wonderful. He manages to match color and lighting, use shadows and reflections brilliantly, play with the visual focus points, and even include the photo-blur you get when something moves too quickly to make her place in the pictures seem more natural. Sometimes, you have to pull a real “where’s Waldo” looking for her. And what really pulls everything together is that way that, even without any text or connecting storyline, Yotsuba’s personality, the way she’s so full of life and excitement, carries through so strongly in the pictures. They made me smile–a lot–and even laugh aloud at points. Highly recommended, particularly for fans of the manga, but also just for people who love cute things.

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EXPIRED | Deal Alert: Attack on Titan Universe Humble Bundle

Surprisingly, despite its overwhelming popularity over the past few years, I have never read any of Hajime Isayama’s iconic Attack on Titan manga. Seems like a good time to change that, however, as Humble Bundle is offering an extensive chunk of this ‘verse’s manga for basically the usual price of two volumes. Included in this bundle are the first 22 volumes of the main manga, as well as a sampling of volumes from Lost GirlsNo RegretsBefore the FallJunior High, and Spoof on Titan. Plus an artbook, for good measure.

If you’re interested, you can find more information at https://www.humblebundle.com/books/attack-on-titan-books.

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