The Addams Family (Live Musical)

Addams Family MusicalPresented by The Green Room Community Theatre

My rating: 4.5 of 5

They’re a perfectly normal family. The mother, Morticia, is obsessed with death. The daughter, Wednesday, tortures her brother Pugsley for fun–and he likes it. Uncle Fester is in love with the moon. And the butler may not even be alive. Okay, maybe they’re not exactly normal. But they’re a family. And they believe in love. So when Wednesday decides to bring home the boy she loves to meet the family, they attempt to pull off the impossible–act like a normal family for the evening.

So I’m really not familiar with the original The Addams Family at all, but last Friday (the 13th, no less!) I had the privilege of seeing the musical version performed live at a nearby community theater. And may I just say, it was fantastic! The odd juxtaposition of the morbid and the humorous in the story writing works brilliantly; it was very funny but also enticingly dark. And the incorporation of stuff like family values and true love mixed in with all the madness just serves to heighten the experience. The characters are this fantastic mishmash of strange individuals, and I think the casting for this particular production was excellently done, bringing out the best in the characters. My one complaint (and I think this is just me personally) is that the boyfriend, Lucus, was too bland, even for a guy who’s supposed to come across as just plain ordinary. I mean, he comes across as bland even when singing Crazier Than You with Wednesday, by which point, I was expecting him to show a bit more character. Still, I suspect it’s just me being fickle with my expectations. The music was really, really nice–catchy showtunes with a delicious, dark twist. And some very fun choreography worked into the song sequences, which added a lot to the show as well. I think, for any of you who may be in the greater Hickory area, this would be a show I would highly recommend going to see (there are two more performances, Saturday and Sunday). And for those who don’t have that privilege, I would say that if The Addams Family musical is being performed somewhere near you, you should go check it out there.

Created by Charles Addams/Book and Lyrics by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice/Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa/Directed by Caleb Ryan Sigmon/Musical Direction by Cathy S. Banner/Choreography by Amy Berry/Starring Gardy Muñoz, Amy Berry, Annette Greene, Blake Barrier, Dalton Isaac, Cassandra Barrier, Chris Stone, Grant Sizemore, Tad Fulbright, Christian Underwood, & Grace Bollinger


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2 responses to “The Addams Family (Live Musical)

  1. The Addams Family was part of my childhood and I absolutely loved the characters and the chemistry between them (TV show). I didn’t know about this live musical, but I’m glad it was able to keep the awesomeness intact! 😀 Great stuff!

    – Lashaan

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    • I really wish I had gotten to see the TV show growing up. Sounds fantastic. And yes, the family dynamics and crazy, wonderful characters really seem to carry the musical. Very fun! 🙂

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