Doctor Who, Series 8

BBCdoctor who series 8

12 episodes

My rating: 4 of 5


Is it really possible that this grumpy, gray-haired Scotsman who can’t even fly the TARDIS properly is the same Doctor that Clara has been traveling through time and space with, has regarded as her best friend? It’s hard for her to believe, even though she saw his regeneration with her own eyes–he just seems so different! With the help of some close friends of the Doctor in Victorian London (where the Doctor managed to land the TARDIS–along with a giant T-Rex), Clara does manage to find her friend again in this stranger’s eyes . . . but there’s some definite “define the relationship” moments going on in the process. But Clara, being Clara, is up for the challenge as she begins once again popping in and out of her ordinary life for ventures throughout time and space. She even sort-of manages to have a boyfriend and a real job, although the success of those ventures is precarious at best.

I’m going to be honest: for the first few episodes of the eighth series of Doctor Who I was really not happy about Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. It’s not that he does a bad job with the role. Actually, he’s perfect. But the contrast between him and Matt Smith’s happy-go-lucky Eleventh Doctor as exceedingly stark, painfully so. And you really see that contrast developed in the Doctor’s strained relationship with Clara Oswald in the first several episodes of the series. But the truth is that Capaldi’s Doctor grows on you (or at least he did on me), and even going back and watching the first few episodes again now, I’m impressed by his work in them. I guess what I’m saying is, give the eighth series a chance to convince you before you decide it’s rubbish in the first few episodes. Actually, what I found most frustrating throughout the series is Clara’s vacillation and (spoilers) her two-timing between the Doctor (who is admittedly not her boyfriend, but still) and Danny (her actual boyfriend)–lying to each about the other in a most annoying manner. Also, perhaps because of this vacillation, perhaps not, the storyline felt a bit disconnected at parts. Still, the episodes were interesting and consistent with both the Doctor Who storyline as a whole and with the individual characters. I guess you could say that this series was a strong development of both Clara’s and the new Doctor’s characters, leaving lots of room for more story development in the ninth series. In any case, I really did enjoy the eighth series of Doctor Who and found it a consistently interesting and family-friendly series involving fantastic wonders, time travel, and just enough scariness to keep it interesting.

Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, & Donald Wilson/Head Writer & Executive Producer Steven Moffat/Starring Peter Capaldi & Jenna-Louise Coleman



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4 responses to “Doctor Who, Series 8

  1. I LOVED CAPALDI FROM THE FIRST MOMENT I SAW HIM! AND YES HE GROWS ON YOU!! Capaldi is perfect! I was worried at first too because 10th was my favorite, then again I guess after all he has been through, he couldn’t have been happy anymore.

    CLARA!! How season ended was just shocking! I can’t believe they did that. To Clara! She deserved so much more than that. But I as happy to see River again.

    AND SERIOUSLY MOFFAT said no new Doctor Who this year TT__TT
    only Christmas special. Not even mentioning Sherlock and how long you have to wait for new seasons. He just likes to watch the world burn! 😀

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  2. Oh no… I have made a horrible mistake XD
    this was s8…and I’m kind of in s9. Ignore Clara comment everything else applies 😀 Mickey! Deserved more!

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    • Ha ha! It’s cool. I’ve finished s9 already, and I totally know what you mean (I’m just really, really behind on writing reviews right now.) But the new special doesn’t come out in the states until, like April or something; I’m so impatient but really looking forward to seeing River again. And don’t even get me started on Sherlock either . . . . The impatience is rising on all fronts! 😀

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      • Oh GOOD!! 😀 I was so worried that now I’d done it. That I had spoiled watching Doctor Who for someone. In Finland specials are always quite late 😀 Always have to find them online because I don’t deal well with waiting. You’re doing good with the reviews. I post less than half of the reviews I would like to post.


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