Update/Future Plans

Hi, everyone. Currently my schedule is basically insane, what with a full-time job and family responsibilities outside of that. Because of that, I’ve come to the point that I’ll either have to make some changes to my blog or give up blogging entirely (or go insane, but that really doesn’t seem a valid option). And honestly, I love blogging, so giving it up doesn’t seem a valid option either. So I’m making a few changes (which you may or may not even notice; these are as much to shape my own expectations as anything else):

  1. I am no longer accepting requests from writers/publishers to read and review their books.
  2. I’m not going to participate in reading awards/tags anymore. I just don’t have the time and motivation. For those of you who have already nominated/tagged me for ones that I haven’t completed, know that I’m sorry for not getting to them, and I’m still truly honored. You have amazing blogs, and I respect and appreciate your writing deeply. For everyone else, please check out their amazing blogs–they deserve your attention (and if I’ve missed you, I’m sorry; it wasn’t intentional):
    Magda @ maginibooks.wordpress.com
    Matt @ matthew903.wordpress.com/
    Anastasia @ readandsurvive.com/
    Krystallina @ daiyamanga.wordpress.com/
  3. I’m planning to continue posting reviews about once or twice a week (and hopefully eventually catch up on the backlog I currently have). I also want to stay active in the community with commenting and such.

Sorry to have to make these changes, but I think they’ll be for the best all around. I appreciate you all and hope you’ll continue to join me in sharing a love of story together! 😀



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14 responses to “Update/Future Plans

  1. These kinds of compromise are needed eventually. Yes, we’re bloggers but we also have lived to live outside the web. I was also a book reviewer once upon a time. Receiving free books from authors was fun at first but I eventually became stressed out writing book reviews for all of them. Blogging became too much of a chore so I had to stop or go insane. So I really understand what you must feel. Hope that things get better for you. Cheers!

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  2. I see, you are pretty busy huh. Well, God bless you on your schedule 🙂

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  3. Blogging should be fun but sometimes it can get to feel like a duty if we’re not careful. Good for you for making a few changes to stop it from becoming a chore! 🙂

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  4. Don’t go insane and don’t even dare to give up blogging (or else bad karma will rain down on you). Blog changes are good though 🙂

    You’re amazing!

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  5. I just saw this today, and I think these are great changes that will help you balance blogging and real life. Thanks for letting us all know! All the best to you, Honya! 🙂

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