Infinite Game Works Episode 0

Created by Sakura River Interactiveinfinite gameworks 0

My rating: 3 of 5

Sorayama high-school student Justin has always had a knack for computers, and in a country that’s struggling to recover from technological disaster after the Y2K bug hit, that skill is quite an asset. After winning some prize money for a video game he built, Justin decides to make a business of it, designing video games and selling them at conventions around the country. He even ends up hiring some cute classmates, Cleo (an artist) and Aki (a musician as well as a friend who’s always on his case) to help him with the work. Who knows, if he does well enough, Justin might even go into the business full-time after graduation.

So, basically Infinite Game Works Episode 0 is a simulation/visual novel game that follows Justin in his last year or so of high school as he designs video games and interacts with his friends. It’s by the same creators as Fading Hearts, and is set in the same fictional country at the same time. (Actually, Justin even ends up chatting with Ryu online a few times during Infinite Game Works.) The premise of the game was interesting, and the art and music were nice. I think where IG fails a bit is that it’s an early product for the creators and it’s just kind of clunky at times. The story is relatively linear, without many choices (and it’s sometimes hard to tell if the choices even matter). The simulation of game creation was quite functional in its mechanics, but I felt the level was too easy for the amount of time allowed between games. And I kept having this weird malfunction where then screen would black out–although I found that if I minimized the window then opened it again it would auto-correct, so no big. I guess what I’m saying is that, if you’re bored and can get the game inexpensively, it might be a fun way to pass the time, but for most people, I wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of time or money into the game. Still, I actually did enjoy playing Infinite Game Works Episode 0. And I’m excited that Sakura River Interactive is finalizing an Episode 1 that’s a sequel (and is supposed to have fixed a lot of the mechanical bugs); that will be fun to try.

Note: This game is available from Steam and also directly from Sakura River Interactive–I played the version from Steam.


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