Three Quarters Dead

Author: Richard Peckthree quarters dead

My rating: 3.5 of 5

Life is officially over for Kerry when she is forced to transfer into a new school in the middle of high-school–of course everyone’s already made their friends, formed their cliques, so no one’s interested in hanging out with the new girls. At least, that’s what she thought, until she got an invitation to join the three coolest girls in the school: Natalie, Makenzie, and their queen Tanya. Never mind what they did or asked Kerry to do, of course she’d try to keep up. The three girls became her world. Until they smashed their car into a tree and left her behind . . . . Or did they?

Three Quarters Dead is Richard Peck’s own unique take on the now-popular paranormal genre, and it’s certainly eerie enough. It falls more along the lines of Are You in the House Alone than of his usual ghost stories, and I think that actually works in its favor. Just know, if you’re looking for his hilarious historical fiction, this isn’t the book for you. Kerry’s story is dark–really a ghost story even when everyone is alive. It’s actually pretty terrifying how her entire world shrinks to just Tanya’s group and her time with them. There’s practically no mention of family, hobbies, school–just lunches with the group, hanging on every word that drops from Tanya’s beautiful lips. But the really scary thing is how close Kerry’s situation is to the peer pressure, the necessity of fitting in, that faces kids all over today and the way kids can find themselves drawn so deeply into the situation. And then after the car crash, the way Peck handled the “ghosts” and Kerry’s reactions to them was even more eerie. Brrr. I didn’t love Three Quarters Dead–it’s not really the sort of book you’re supposed to love–but it did creep me out and make me think.


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