Doctor Who, Series 6

BBCdoctor who series 6

Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, & Donald Wilson/Head Writer & Executive Producer Steven Moffat/Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, & Arthur Darvill

14 episodes

My rating: 5 of 5


Newlyweds Amy and Rory find themselves waiting at home, settling into normal life for a bit–but it’s not as though the Doctor’s keeping quiet. No, he’s plastering himself throughout history like a big, flashing “look at me” sign. Then they get an invitation to meet up in Utah of all places, where they encounter not only the Doctor but also River Song who had apparently also been invited. But in the middle of a nice picnic reunion by Lake Silencio, they are interrupted by (of all the absurd things) someone in a spacesuit rising up from the lake and killing the Doctor. Devastated, the three friends return to town . . . only to run into the Doctor, alive and well! Also significantly younger and completely unaware of what’s just taken place. So it’s off on adventures again, but with Amy, Rory, and River very concerned about the Doctor’s future–when they have time to worry about anything besides the creepy, unmemorable invasion that’s overtaking the earth and the fact that Amy may or may not be pregnant(?).

I really enjoyed the sixth series of Doctor Who. I think it’s a solid follow-up of series five, keeping the same characters and deepening their relationships in a very enjoyable (sometimes quite suspenseful) way. Overall, I think the suspense level was higher in this series than perhaps any other series I’ve seen so far–it worked really well that way. There’s a lot of overarching storyline this time, which is fun. I really love how the whole thing with River Song, which has been previously intriguing but maddeningly mysterious, is gradually unfolded over the course of the series. She really is a most enjoyable, fascinating character–plus she brings out all sorts of interesting sides to the Doctor that you’d never see otherwise. The growth of Amy and Rory both as individuals and as a couple is really neat to see too, especially as they go through all the craziness with the baby together. And even though there is definitely a huge overarching plotline to this series, there’s a nice variety of episodes presented as well (bonus points for a Neil Gaiman episode!). I’d definitely recommend Doctor Who, series 6, to anyone who has enjoyed the previous series–but I’d certainly recommend watching at least series five before trying this series or you might be a bit lost.



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