Past Perfect, Present Tense

Author: Richard Peckpast perfect, future tense

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Stories of bygone days long past, of times that were simpler (sometimes stranger), when exhilarating change was just around the corner. Stories of the world in which we dwell today, with all its troubles but all it’s wondrous possibility as well. And stories of ghosts, that ephemeral something that joins the past to the present in ways we’ll never fully comprehend. Whichever you prefer, Richard Peck has a treat in store for you in this delightful collection of short stories.

I may have mentioned this before, but Richard Peck’s books are always favorites of mine, and Past Perfect, Future Tense is no exception. It’s a wonderful collection of shorts, some previously published in magazines or other short story collections, others new to this volume. Remarkably, I think every single story in the collection hit true, consistent with Peck’s classic style, full of humor and heart and that delicious chill of potential. I laughed my way through much of this book (especially when Granny Dowdel put in an appearance). And as an extra, Peck has included some brilliant pointers on what makes story so important, as well as on what goes in to an effective short story–very insightful, and also fun to read! I would highly recommend Past Perfect, Future Tense to anyone later elementary and up (adults too, definitely); these are the sorts of stories that are just good fun to read, regardless of age or circumstance.


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