Doctor Who, Series 5

doctor who series 5BBC

13 Episodes

My rating: 5 of 5


Alone in the house one night and frightened by the strange crack in her bedroom wall, young Amelia Pond prays to Santa for help (not sure how effective that is, but seriously, how adorable?!). But when someone does come, he’s not exactly Santa . . . more like some extremely weird man who crash lands a blue telephone box in her yard and eats fish sticks and custard in her kitchen, calling himself the Doctor. Then this Doctor leaves, promising to be back in just a bit. Twelve years later, Amy Pond is busy living her life, but she’s never forgotten her raggedy Doctor who promised to come back for her. And when he does return, Amy gladly joins him in his TARDIS and runs off to see the stars. But living so long with a crack in the universe in her bedroom wall has made her into a most unusual girl. . . . And the crack in the universe isn’t just in her bedroom anymore; it seems to be pursuing them throughout time and space.

I really loved series 5 of Doctor Who, although I think the transition from the fourth series was a bit much for me. Seriously, there are a lot of changes here: new Doctor, new companion, new head writer for the show, new production style . . . even the TARDIS is different! It’s rather a lot to take in at once. Not to mention that after the tenth Doctor’s being so dark and moody at the end, having the eleventh Doctor being so bubbly and random–childish even–is difficult to get used to at first. But after the initial shock, I found this series particularly enjoyable. Matt Smith’s Doctor is fun and amusing, while still retaining the essential character that has been consistently at the core of the Doctor throughout the show. He’s zany and unpredictable at times but kind, personable, and surprisingly good with kids–yet he retains the enigmatic, age-old weight of time and life buried beneath the surface. And Amy Pond is an incredible companion in that she can see that–not just the attractive, energetic, youthful-seeming man, but also the ancient, sometimes sorrowful Time Lord. It probably helps that she’s known him since she was little, but I think that’s also just her character. She’s amazing, easily one of my favorite heroines, full of independence, stubbornness, and kindness as well. I really love her relationship with Rory too (spoilers). And might I add that retaining River Song as an important part of the story in several instances definitely helped to tie this series in with the previous series (besides the fact that she’s just an amazing character and an interesting wild-card figure in the story). As for the actual episodes, the writing is excellent–consistent in feel to the previous series as far as content goes. They’re largely character driven (always a plus) and deal with both our world and other planets, past, present, and future–but consistently drawing out character development and consideration of interesting issues regardless of setting. (My favorite was probably the van Gogh episode!) I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who has enjoyed the previous Doctor Who series, and would note that those who haven’t liked those previous series might actually want to consider trying the fifth series as well.

Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, & Donald Wilson/Head Writer & Executive Producer Steven Moffat/Starring Matt Smith & Karen Gillan

Note 7/3/16: Upon re-watching this series, I am once again impressed, perhaps more than the first time I watched it, by several aspects. In particular, I love the fairy-tale feel that is developed in everything from the writing to the characters to the video angles and production style. It’s lovely, quite captivating. Additionally, the dynamics between the characters is just brilliant. Basically, this is an amazing series, even in comparison to other series of a show that is in itself amazing!


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