Author/Illustrator: Raina Telgemeiersisters

Coloring: Braden Lamb

Companion to Smile

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Funny isn’t it, how road trips can bring out the best in relationships . . . and the worst, especially between siblings. Raina and her little sister Amara find this out the hard way as they, their mom, and their little brother Will set out from their home in California all the way to Colorado for a family reunion–taking in the sites as they go to make it a properly educational experience, naturally. All that time stuck with each other in close quarters just makes all those annoying quirks stand out even more! But it’s time these two sisters set aside their differences and band together . . . they’re going to need each other.

I love the way Telgemeier weaves her own experiences together into delightful, approachable graphic novels. I loved this in Smile and found it to be consistently the case in Sisters as well. The story is enjoyable, funny, practical, and (perhaps most importantly) transparently human. I’ve had exactly those sorts of problems with my own siblings when we were younger. The people and circumstances are believable, highly individual yet also, in a sense, universal. And did I mention, the story is very funny? Of course, Telgemeier’s art is perfect for the story as well–definitely an American graphic novel style, full of expression and humor. Also a plus, Sisters is really written for the middle-grade demographic (a group that until recently had been largely ignored by those writing graphic novels) but at the same time, it’s a fun read for all ages. Definitely recommended.


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