The Tiny Wish

Author: Lori EvertThe Tiny Wish

Photographs by: Per Breiehagen

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Once upon a time, a little girl named Anja went to visit her cousins at their mountain farm. The three of them went out into the meadows, reveling in the glories of the new spring, and eventually deciding on a game of hide-and-seek. Only Anja keeps being following by a young goat that’s taken a shine to her, making it impossible for her to hide effectively. Frustrated, Anja wishes that she were so tiny that she’d be able to hide with ease . . . and remarkably, she gets her wish! What follows is a delightful romp, exploring the beauties of the mountains and having fun with all the animals who now seem huge–and able to talk with Anja. For a curious girl like Anja, this is the perfect wish!

The Tiny Wish is an absolute magical treat! I’ve seen any number of picture books that are illustrated with photographs–and that are remarkably dull. I actually tend to avoid this sort of book, usually. But The Tiny Wish is different. For one thing, it’s not just a medium to show off the photographs; there’s a rich, vibrant, imaginative, and thrilling story that will resonate with the hearts of little girls young and old. Anja’s character is charming, and the adventure of exploring the world from such a tiny, up-close perspective is delightful! In addition, the photography and digital editing work on this book is quite stunning. The settings, colors, and design are vivid and striking, and while the photographs are obviously by necessity composite works, they appear absolutely seamless. And just seeing the flowers and animals and such in such up-close detail is really neat, too. Also, I really like the design of the book itself; the way the pictures, type, blank space, and little extra designs are all fit together works really well. Finally, I really love that this is a family project–the mom’s the author, the dad’s the illustrator, and the daughter is the model for Anja–how fun is that? I would definitely recommend The Tiny Wish, especially for reading aloud with little girls who are full of curiosity about the world themselves.


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