Author: Neal Shustermaneverlost

My rating: 5 of 5

Nick and Allie were complete strangers until they were thrown together–quite literally–by the car crash that killed them both. They were supposed to get to the light at the end of the tunnel, but their mid-tunnel collision sends them off course and into the in-between, to what its residents call “Everlost”. This ghostly world, which seems to them now more real than the living world, is full of strangeness, rumor, rules, and confusion. And despite their differences, Nick and Allie must together find a way to make it in a world where none of the known rules apply.

I first discovered Neal Shusterman’s writing with his fun book Antsy Does Time, but I didn’t even realize until recently that there were other incredible books by him right next to it on the shelf . . . mostly because the covers are in a completely different style! I was delighted to discover that Everlost is also written by him, and was equally delighted when I finished reading it. The world building in this unusual ghost story is exceptional. I think that’s probably what stood out most immediately–the author put a lot of thought into all the “physics” of this world, the rules that govern how it works, to craft a world that’s convincing and that allows for unique plot occurrences that could never happen in a normal book. And because of his world building, the plot really does give a different perspective on our fears, our personalities, our characters, what makes us human even. Especially in a world where everyone is, say, 16 or younger–but no one ever dies (being already dead and all). The feel and flow of the story remind me a lot of Peter Pan in many regards. There are a lot of great characters here as well, characters who grow with the story and whose growth powers the story along swimmingly. I’m really looking forward to reading the sequel (this is the first of a trilogy). Highly recommended for all readers, say, 11 and up.

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  1. Trisha Ann

    This is a great review! Read this back in high school and.I loved how Neil Shusterman portrays his version of the afterlife here. So unique and creative 🙂

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