TrainstopAuthor/Illustrator:  Barbara Lehman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s always an adventure to travel by train, seeing new and unexpected places. But one day, a little girl gets even more of an adventure than usual. . . . The train is flagged to a stop, and she finds that all the adult passengers have fallen asleep. And what she finds when she steps off the train is nothing short of incredible. Hey, she even makes some new friends on this particular stop!

I absolutely loved reading Trainstop! My review here is likely to sound a lot like my review of The Red Book; I’m finding that the things I love about them are simply the author’s style, which is amazing. Yet each book is unique and surprising, which makes it even better. Trainstop is both adorably cute and surprisingly whimsical and imaginative. It’s really positive too–helping people (even when they’re really different from you), making friends, being open to adventure–those are the sorts of ideas that surface throughout this story. The art is very attractive: defined by solid, black lines, yet soft in those lines and softened further by the watercolor fills throughout. I also love the way Lehman tells the entire story through pictures–no words at all–making this a story with even greater universal appeal for all ages. Trainstop comes with high recommendations.


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