Wild Kiss

Wild KissMangaka: Hisaya Nakajo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever since early childhood, Tomo has had a reputation as a pretty girl . . . which might be fine, except Tomo’s a boy. Even now in high school, Tomo continues to receive confessions from other guys, all of which he refutes fiercely. (Has he never considered that maybe, if he didn’t react so strongly, he wouldn’t be teased so much?) Things begin to take an unexpected turn, however, when he receives (what seems to be) a confession from the number one most desirable single guy in the school, Yoshida-kun. This handsome, quiet, stubborn guy dogs Tomo all the way home, where he discloses another–more startling– confession: he’s a vampire, and he needs a human partner soon or he’s going to go bloodsucking ballistic on anyone around him. And he wants Tomo to be his partner. . . .

Wild Kiss is actually a one-shot that was released with Hana-Kimi as an omake, but I feel like it deserves a review of its own. It this were ever turned into a full manga series, I would devour it; I think it has the potential to be even better than Hana-Kimi. The story is, as a one-shot, naturally simple and pared down to a minimum, but even in this state Nakajo-sensei has included significant backstory, supporting characters, etc. Plus, Tomo and Yoshida’s relationship is a nice (super mildly shounen-ai) blend of drama, comedy, and possibly the barest buds of romance. But really, at this point, it’s more a dramedy than a romance–and it’s nice that way. The art is classic Nakajo-sensei, very similar to that of Hana-Kimi–in other words, cute/pretty but not overdone, the sort of shoujo art that would work even in a non-shoujo manga. I would definitely recommend Wild Kiss to anyone who enjoys cute (mildly shounen-ai) manga, fans of Hana-Kimi, and basically anyone who likes shoujo manga.

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