Author/Illustrator: Istvan Banyai

Things aren’t always what they appear to be. What looks like a random pattern may actually be a cock’s crest. What looks like a complete scene could actually just be a picture on a passing bus. Really, it all depends on your perspective, and changing your perspective could give you a completely different experience.

I found Zoom to be a unique “reading” experience. It’s completely wordless, and honestly it’s less a story than it is a snapshot of a moment in time, as seen from different perspectives. The book starts with an impossibly zoomed in image–so close up that you have no idea what it is. The each picture zooms out a bit, creating a vastly different scene each time . . . to the point where the earth itself is just a dot in the void. It’s fun to try to guess what things are ahead of the book, and I think the entire book is an interesting challenge to consider differing perspectives, to realize that what you see isn’t always all that’s actually there. The art itself is decent too (though not stellar), although the color scheme is a little odd, in my opinion. I think Zoom would be an especially fun for kids to enjoy the discovery throughout, although the experience would probably be meaningful for the adults reading with them as well.


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