Bink & Gollie

Authors: Kate DiCamillo & Alison McGhee

Illustrator: Tony Fucile

Bink & Gollie are the best of friends, and they love doing stuff together–especially rollerskating! But the truth is, they don’t agree on a lot of other things. Gollie thinks Bink can be garish and annoying. Bink thinks Gollie is stuffy and boring. It’s way too easy to fight over stuff like that. But in spite of all that, it’s still more fun when they’re together . . . and thus, a compromise is in order.

Too fun! I think if you somehow combined the best of Dr. Seuss and Beverly Cleary, you might get something similar to Bink & Gollie. This is a straightforward, imaginative, funny story of friendship in spite of differences of opinion. And it certainly is funny–these two girls are pretty zany to be sure. This is a quick read, only three chapters (short stories, really) long, with basically an “easy-reader” level of difficulty. So it’s great for beginning readers, although I think the story surpasses the reading level and would be great for older readers as well. Plus the art is great–full of humor and expression. I really love the use of greys and colors to create mood and focus. I would definitely recommend Bink & Gollie–much fun.

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  1. The finger has spoken! Some fish long… Oh we love Bink & Gollie! We haven’t read this in ages! This must be fixed. Thank you for reviewing it — I forgot how much we love this book.

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