The Hippopotamus Pool

Author: Elizabeth Peters

Amelia Peabody, volume 8

While not including any of her beloved pyramids, Amelia Peabody’s work this season does promise to be most interesting. Emerson claims to know the location of an untouched tomb–one of a queen, no less! A find like that is bound to be fascinating for a team of archaeologists like themselves . . . but it’s likely to be equally interesting to other, less savory elements: crime lords, tomb robbers, the press. Still, if anyone can bring these historical treasures safely to light, it’ll be Amelia and her family.

I can’t think of one of Amelia’s adventure that I haven’t enjoyed, but I think The Hippopotamus Pool is particularly appealing. While there is a certain element of danger and crime, it doesn’t dominate the story to the extent that it sometimes does (Amelia and Emerson being highly prone to attract the shadier sides of Egypt). Thus, the story is more able to focus on archaeology itself, as well as on the family relations of the Emerson family and the societal issues present in their day. In this volume, Ramses and Nefret are just getting into their early teens–which makes for all kinds of interestingness, particularly since Ramses is totally in love with Nefret but she’s not willing to acknowledge him yet. And of course, this is the volume that introduces David, the third member of my favorite threesome in Amelia’s stories and an all-around great guy. I think The Hippopotamus Pool has wide appeal–adventure, suspense, family, social and cultural complexities, history, and archaeology to name a few–and I would definitely recommend it.


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  1. I’ve also read and loved all the Amelia Peabody stories – huge inspiration for me in my own writing – an adventure/mystery series set in modern-day Egypt.

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