The One I Love

Mangaka: CLAMP

Anyone who’s been in love can tell you it’s a wonderful thing. But love isn’t all happiness and comfort–it comes with uncertainties and fears. Will this continue? Am I the only one who feels this way? Sometimes, it seems the more you are in love, the worse your uncertainties become. . . .

In this delightful collection of shorts, CLAMP unpacks some of the issues that come up frequently in relationships. While The One I Love is set up in a different format than their typical works, it features a topic that seems ubiquitous to all of their manga–a topic about which they always have something interesting to say. In this volume, Mick Nekoi (usually the chibi artist of the group) creates 10 manga shorts, each featuring a different girl and the specific love-problem she is facing. Following each manga, lead story writer Nanase Ohkawa has a short essay discussing her own opinions and experiences about that same love-problem. The manga are cute and meaningful, and I think the discussions are interesting, relevant, and helpful. The One I Love probably isn’t for everyone, but for CLAMP fans and for those interested in some insight into their own uncertainties, I think it’s an enjoyable collection.


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