Dragon’s Blood

Author: Jane Yolen

Pit Dragon Trilogy, vol. 1

Jakkin wasn’t always a bondsman, toiling away in the dragon mews for his wealthy master. Once, his family was free, his father a dragon trainer in his own right . . . but that was a long time ago, before his father’s at the claws of a feral dragon. But now, Jakkin has a plan: steal a hatchling dragon and train it to be a champion in the fighting pits. If he can manage it, he’ll have enough gold to buy his freedom and become a master in his own right. If only all the fates didn’t seem determined to foil his plan!

Jane Yolen’s writing never ceases to delight, and Dragon’s Blood is no exception. The world-building is captivating–I love that she crafts a story that seems almost medieval fantasy-like yet is clearly science fiction in actuality. All the world’s history and culture are provided in just enough detail to convincingly carry the story without being burdensome. The story itself is a wonderful coming-of-age tale, as well as a story of some incredible friendships. Jakkin and the others are great characters, full of personality; I think his dragon is perhaps my favorite character of all with her quick intelligence and overwhelming sense of fun. I would highly recommend Dragon’s Blood to fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike–it’s wonderful!

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