Final Fantasy III

Square Enix

Once upon a time, four orphans were brought from the mainland to a floating continent where they grew up, unaware of their past. When the time was right, these four–Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus–were drawn by the power of an ancient crystal to go on a quest to restore the balance between the Light and the Dark. Together, these four must travel the world, fighting monsters, growing in skill, and building precious friendships as they fight to regain all four of the crystals and restore the balance.

I love classic turn-based RPGs, and Final Fantasy III is probably one of my favorites. I think it captured my imagination from the first scenes of the opening–a vivid, beautifully animated and exquisitely orchestrated panorama of scenes from the game. And while the actual gameplay is much more old-school and pixellated, it certainly follows in the same vein of open adventure and imagination that so captivates the viewer in the opening. The world and characters are endearing and beautiful if you’re able to get past the older animation. And of course, the music is one of the things I love best in all the Final Fantasy games (although in any video game, the music can get a bit repetitive after a while). The gameplay itself is a standard turn-based style–which I definitely prefer, especially when playing on PC, as my coordination for any other type of game is limited. I’m largely playing for the story anyhow. One thing that is interesting, but challenging, about this particular game is the jobs system, which basically allows you to change the characters’ classes (or jobs) throughout the game. This is neat in that it allows you to try different skills sets, but it’s annoying in that for certain parts of the game, certain jobs are necessary–but it’s never actually spelled out what you need. (Personally, I’d recommend walkthroughs for these particular instances–save yourself the headache of trying to figure out which job is required.) I think for anyone who enjoys fantasy RPGs, Final Fantasy III would be an enjoyable game to try–and possibly a good starting point for those who have never tried this genre.

Note: As this is my first video game review, I’m still experimenting with what information to include, etc. Any suggestions regarding content, organization, and such would be welcome. Thanks!

Note 2: Also, I should mention that the version of this game that I played was the PC version available on Steam–so if you try it on other platforms, it will probably be similar, but there might be minor variations.


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2 responses to “Final Fantasy III

  1. Used to play final fantasy with my nintendo ds. Always enjoyed it ❤ probably much better as video game


    • Honestly from what I’ve heard, it’s the same game, just with updated graphics. Not sure though. Either way, definitely lots of fun! I’m really looking forward to playing some of the later games in the series 😀

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