twilightAuthor: Stephenie Meyer

Twilight Saga, vol. 1

My rating: 3.5 of 5

Bella Swan knew she’d be making sacrifices and experiencing a hearty dose of misery when she moved back to Forks, Washington, to live with her dad, Police Chief Swan. What she could never have expected was that her experiences there would lead her into one dangerous situation after another, culminating in a life-threatening horror-fest–back in her hometown of Phoenix. Or that she would meet a boy in Forks who just might make it all worth it . . . . Although the more she notices him, the more Bella’s convinced that Edward isn’t quite human. In fact, he might be the most dangerous situation of all for her.

Ignoring popular opinion (of which even I am aware there is a great deal, both positive and negative), I like Twilight. It has the fast-paced draw that keeps me reading until way too late at night–not what I’d want to read all the time, but a nice switch from more serious novels sometimes. I love the first-person perspective–from Bella’s point of view, of course. I think Bella is truly what makes the story; she’s a fascinating, many-faceted character. Not that I’m saying she’s an ideal role-model sort of protagonist. She makes a lot of choices that seem stupid, childish, and selfish–because there’s a side of her character that is all of those. Which makes the story more interesting, in my opinion. The romance factor is probably a bit more that I would usually prefer, and I certainly don’t hold Bella and Edward’s relationship as an ideal for young women to pursue, but on the other hand, the theme of fated, hopeless love is rather appealing on occasion. As for Meyer’s intertwining of urban fantasy, I think she chooses a rather novel interpretation of your traditional vampire, but one that works for her plotline–and really, the story is deeply rooted in the plot, although it is just as deeply rooted in the characters who drive that plot. For those who like both romance and urban fantasy, I think Twilight is an intriguing story that might be an enjoyable read.


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5 responses to “Twilight

  1. Good review 🙂 You are right about Twilight, I think it is good book too (just I kind of dislike it because of the hype) and romance was maybe a bit overdone for me. Whole lamb falling in love with the lion thing…my brains were just screaming at how cliché it was


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