Fox’s Garden

Author/Illustrator: Princesse Camcam

One snowy night, a lone red fox wanders into town, drawn by the warm lights in the houses. Everywhere she goes, she is shooed away, until at last she finds a warm, quiet place in a greenhouse. She hides in there to have her babies, away from the cold and unobserved apart from one little boy who brings her a gift. In return, when she and her babies leave the town, they bring flowers from the greenhouse which they leave in the boy’s room for him to find when he wakes.

I love wordless picture books, and Fox’s Garden was an exquisite find. The story is told entirely with pictures, and what lovely pictures they are! I think–and I could be entirely wrong–but I think the creator drew on paper, cut the pictures out, arranged them, took a photo, then Photoshopped some extra details in. In any case, the results are simply stunning in their simple clarity. The largely-monochromatic color scheme makes the colors that are used stand out beautifully, and whatever technique was used created a remarkable three-dimensionality to the pictures. I also liked the physical layout of the book–it’s short and wide so that the pictures are almost panoramic. Unusual and attractive. The story itself is sweet–touching and warm yet simple enough for children to follow–but not overdone and saccharine. I would truly recommend Fox’s Garden, especially to readers with younger children.


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