Author: Tamora Pierce

The Immortals, vol. 2

At the request of a wolf pack to whom she owes her life and loyalty, Daine makes the trip to Dunlath Valley accompanied by her friend and mentor, the wizard Numair. Also joining them are Daine’s pony Cloud, a couple horses, and her new charge–a baby dragon that she calls Kitten. The wolves called for her because the humans in the valley are strip mining and dumping waste in the lake, a situation that–if allowed to continue–will drive the animals to find new homes yet again. Upon closer inspection, Daine and Numair find evidence of much deeper problems as well: slavery, dealings with violent immortal beings, and even treachery against King Jonathan. They must call upon all of Numair’s skill, Daine’s still-developing wild magic, and a surprising collection of allies both human and animal . . . and possibly even immortal . . . if they are to prevent this treachery.

In the first volume of The Immortals, Wild Magic, Tamora Pierce created an exciting and engaging tale filled with delightful characters; Wolf-Speaker is the perfect follow-up to that initial volume. The plot complex, building on seeds planted in the first volume of Daine’s story in many regards. And while the characters are absolutely true to themselves (which is vital–I love Daine, Numair, and Cloud, and they aren’t allowed to change), they are also growing and developing in wonderful and unexpected ways. I think the balance of character development, political intrigue, fantasy adventure, and coming-of-age story is perfect, lending a story that is both exciting and enduring. One thing I particularly enjoy about this story is all of the animals and Daine’s interactions with them–as well as the awareness of the changes in the creatures due to their time with Daine. I would recommend Wolf-Speaker (as well as Pierce’s other books) to anyone who enjoys an exciting adventure with an interesting flavor of fantasy.


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