More than Friends

Authors: Sara Holbrook & Allan Wolf

Nearly all of us can relate to the feelings of being friends, being something more than friends. We can relate to the confusions, struggles, and joys of being in that situation. In this collection of poems, an unnamed boy and girl tell in their own voices their journey through friendship, recognition, romance, and breakup . . . but really, their voice is everyone’s.

I honestly only picked this poetry collection up initially because I enjoy Allan Wolf’s writing. However, I found the entire collection to be quite enjoyable. The use of two voices was effectively done, and the experiences of the two were at the same time universal and intimately personal. I probably wouldn’t even like these two people if I met them on the street, yet I can relate to their feelings deeply. The poetic forms were expertly executed (of course), and I enjoyed the variety of forms–everything from tanka to free verse to sonnets. (The tanka were probably my personal favorite; little intimate snippets of both people’s opinions on random subjects.) I would recommend More than Friends to anyone, truly–because romance is universal and timeless, right?


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