Koishite Daddy

Mangaka: Kyo Kitazawa

Warning: Mature Audience/Yaoi

Recently-divorced Jirou Itou and his five-year-old son Rintarou are just moving in to their new apartment when they encounter an unpleasant scene–their new neighbor, gay university student Natsuki Takahashi, in the middle of a rather violent breakup with his boyfriend. Itou is ready to politely ignore that he’s seen anything, but Rin-chan isn’t bound by any such social walls; noticing that Natsuki is injured, Rin insists that they help him. Somehow, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the awkwardness of their first meeting, the three of them hit it off, and Natsuki quickly becomes just like a part of Itou’s family . . . although he never allows himself to expect anything from friendship from Itou. Somehow though, Itou comes to fall for his cute, kind, lonely neighbor who is so good with kids, and the two become lovers. And in spite of the teasing he receives for his unusual family, Rin-chan is in full support of their relationship–he’s happy to see his dad fall in love and adores his new “mom.”

First of all, if you’re under 21 or don’t like yaoi, don’t read this, okay? Koishite Daddy has got to be the most graphically yaoi manga I’ve ever read; it was actually really embarrassing and awkward in those parts. But . . . there are only a few actual scenes of that, and the rest is more adorable shounen-ai. With the added benefit of an even more adorable little kid–Rin is a great character both as just a cute kid and as a developed individual. In a lot of ways, Koishite Daddy is a cute family story about spending time together, working through problems, balancing relationships, and having fun. It also deals with the issues of blending together a family after a divorce, as well as the challenges kids face when their parents/family situation isn’t like that of most of the other children. Besides the awkwardness (which never happens around the kid, by the way), this is a really good story. The art is very nice as well–cute and pretty both, in a pleasant almost-josei kind of way. I think I would recommend Koishite Daddy to any adult who enjoys a cute family/romance story (and who’s also okay with yaoi).


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