Author: Rainbow Rowell

If you found a magic phone that would call the past, would you use it to try to correct the mistakes you made back then? Surprisingly, TV comedy writer and mom Georgie McCool finds herself faced with just that question. Just as she and her husband Neal are packing up to take their two little girls, Alice and Noomi, to visit their grandparents in Omaha for Christmas, Georgie gets the breakthrough opportunity of a lifetime that she’s been waiting for, well, forever . . . only, she’ll have to stay in California over Christmas to make it happen. Neal leaves angry, taking the girls to Omaha; Georgie stays in California to work on their new show with her (male) BFF Seth. Or at least, she would be working if she weren’t so torn up over everything, especially Neal. So when she’s crashing at her mom’s place and none of the cell phones seem to be getting through to Omaha, Georgie tries plugging in her old landline phone . . . and quickly finds that she’s getting through, not to the Omaha of today, but to the Omaha of that Christmas years ago, right before Neal proposed to her. . . .

Rainbow Rowell’s books are always a treat, and Landline was no exception. The plot is both original and contemporary, yet at the same time, universal and timeless. And of course, the characters are priceless–authentic, real, almost tangible. It’s great that none of the characters in this story are at all like me, yet through Rowell’s writing, I can get into their heads a bit, understand who they are and why they made the choices they did. Not that I necessarily approve of all their choices (I can’t ever think that choosing career or dreams over family is a wise choice), but I can at least understand. The blend of romance, family, humor, drama, and geeky reference is nicely balanced throughout so the story never gets bogged down. The one thing that threw me when reading Landline was the Twilight Zone element–that’s not shown up in anything of Rowell’s that I’ve read before–but it worked with the story, so that’s okay. I really would recommend Landline for just about anyone looking for a fun, funny, sweet yet complicated adult romance . . . just be aware that it’s an adult story (18+, please).


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