Mugen Spiral

Mangaka: Mizuho Kusanagi

Powerful spiritualist medium (and incidentally, high-school student and recent-orphaned) Yayoi Suzuka is being targeted by numerous demons trying to absorb her powers in their quest to become the next demon king. When the king’s own son, Ura,  attacks her, Yayoi has a tough time of it, but she manages to subdue him–and turns him into a cat. In hopes of assuaging her loneliness (and to keep an eye on him), Yayoi keeps Ura around the house with her, sometimes in cat form and sometimes in human form with his demon powers sealed. Either way, it’s still not exactly easy having him around–he’s a terrible tease–but it’s certainly not dull or boring anymore!

If you’re looking for a fun, cute shoujo manga, Mugen Spiral is a nice option that’s also short enough to read quickly (it’s only two volumes). The real selling point of this manga is the characters. Yayoi somewhat reminds me of Taiga (Toradora!)–she’s very strong, but also girly and a bit tsundere. Ura is bishounen and princely, but also sweet and a terrible tease–he’s really a bit of an enigma. I think the relationship between the two is really interesting–something like that between Inuyasha and Kagome during the early days of their relationship (InuYasha). It’s like they’re always sniping at each other, but they’re united against the rest of the world. Or something. The plot is cute as far as it goes, especially in building the relationship between the two main characters. It’s just too short and incomplete–the manga got dropped, and Kusanagi had to wrap things up pretty quickly. So there are a number of issues that are never really resolved, and the romantic development is less than a lot of readers would like (although I think it’s cute as-is). As for the art, it’s pretty typical shoujo, with something of a slight seinen flavor to the style–it suits the story well, I think. I would recommend Mugen Spiral to those looking for a cute romantic comedy with some supernatural flair–especially if they’re short on time to read and they don’t mind loose ends.


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  1. I enjoyed this manga, but it did get kind of convoluted and herky-jerky at the end. I didn’t realize it was because it had been dropped and she had been rushed. That explains a lot.

    I liked the dynamic between Yayoi and Ura.


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