Power of Three

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Three ancient powers of Sun, Moon, and Earth. Three peoples living on the Moor, threatening to eradicate one another. Three king’s children, two with great gifts and one who considers himself quite ordinary. And a dying curse that could bring about the ruin of them all. . . .

One of the things I love most about Diana Wynne Jones’ writing is that each of her books is extraordinarily unique–she seems to have this endless fountain of ideas such that while each individual work is wonderful, none looks particularly much like the others. She’s certainly pulled off something unique, wonderful, and mysterious in Power of Three. The characters are insightful and show a great understanding of character–something I don’t see enough of in books. Furthermore, the plot is deep and intricately woven–like Celtic knotwork, almost. One of the most fascinating facets of the story is it’s perspective and the insight that perspective gives on human society. And of course, the entire story is pervaded with that enigmatic wonder that seems to be Jones’ specialty. I would highly recommend Power of Three to anyone who loves a solid fantasy.

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