The Alphabet Family

Author/Illustrator: Eva Montanari

In her little red house, Mommy A settles down to write a story. But she just can’t decide what to write! Of course, all the ruckus from her little children letters doesn’t help her concentration any. So instead of writing, Mommy A goes through the house, collecting her children (and pulling them away from all their random activities) to tell them a story (and possibly achieve some level of quiet). But when she and all the little letters get settled for some storytelling, Daddy Z’s snoring distracts them–and when they find him, he looks so comfy they all lie down together for a nap. Poor Mommy A, she never does get her story told–maybe someone else could help tell the story?

In terms of children’s alphabet picture books, The Alphabet Family ranks in my opinion. There’s none of your mundane “A is for apple” rubbish; rather you have a full and interesting story with actual characters. Yet you also have all of the letters introduced in order–and often more different ways of writing the same letter than you see in other books. The pictures are fun and engaging–most of them using the alphabet to create all sorts of interesting items, from instruments to food to butterfly nets. Plus, I think this story challenges children to use their own creative talents. I am definitely going to introduce The Alphabet Family to the kids I know as they are growing old enough to start learning their letters.


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