Crow Country

Author: Kate Constable

Sadie is not happy at all about being dragged from her home and friends in Melbourne out to the town of Boort where a football game constitutes prime entertainment . . . especially since her mom made the decision without even consulting her. While wandering–bored to death–in the countryside, Sadie comes across a ring of standing stones bearing ancient aboriginal carvings. Also, she encounters a crow (or perhaps, the Crow) who tells her she has work to do and ancient wrongs to right. Before long, Sadie finds herself going back and forth in time–experiencing both a tragedy from her great-grandfather’s time and the still-present prejudices of her own time. Strange how similar events seem to be between the two times. . . .

Reading Crow Country was quite a unique experience for me. First of all, it’s nice to read a book about Australia that’s actually written by an Australian author–it’s rather stereotype-defying, which is good. The writing is an intriguing blend of slice-of-life, legend, and fantasy/time-travel that works nicely, although I don’t think most authors could pull it off. The characters were well written–enough so that I got thoroughly annoyed at Sadie for being such a puppy over Lachie, cute older jerk that he is. Reading this so soon after finishing Ghost Hawk was illuminating in that I was previously unaware of the parallels between the treatment of and prejudices toward the native people of both North America and Australia; in that sense, Crow Country was very eye opening. On the whole, while being different from basically anything else I’ve ever read, I think reading Crow Country was a valuable and interesting experience.

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