Author: Rainbow Rowell

When Lincoln O’Neill took the Internet security job for the local paper, he really had in mind something a bit more glamorous than reading inter-office e-mails and supervising college kids while they prepare for the Y2K disaster . . . or play Doom on company time, more like. Lincoln’s attention is piqued though when the Internet filter starts catching e-mails back and forth between two friends, Beth and Jennifer. The two (particularly Beth) are funny and kind, and before he knows it, Lincoln finds himself falling in love with a girl he’s never even seen! But is it possible to go from there into a real relationship, or is he fated the remain the creepy stalker (that, let’s face it, he already is)?

I truly enjoyed reading Fangirl, my first Rainbow Rowell novel, but I think I actually appreciated Attachments even more. I found myself really relating to the characters . . . and even better, really liking them as people. As strange and ethically unsound as their paths might have been, I wanted them to be happy–together if possible, but just happy would have been enough. I also enjoyed the way the story is told–you get Lincoln’s perspective mixed with a series of e-mail exchanges between Beth and Jennifer . . . and that’s it. The e-mails are really interesting (intimate conversations between best friends), plus only getting what Lincoln knows increases the suspense, somehow. I’d recommend Attachments to anyone who likes a sweet, slightly geeky romance.


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