The Realm of Possibility

Author: David Levithan

In this incredible collection, David Levithan tells the stories of a number of high-school students at a particular school–each in his own poetic voice. Some of these people are lovers. Some hate each other. Some don’t even realize the others exist. Yet they all influence each other in significant ways and they each have a story to tell.

The Realm of Possibility blew me away and made me collapse in tears. I feel like everything Levithan writes pushes the boundaries of what you can do with a story–and he does it so beautifully and understandingly. It was incredible to hear the voices of these young people, their fears, hopes, obsessions, and to realize that my world is bigger for having read this book. The poetry itself is impressive also. It ranges from song style to completely free verse to various more structured pieces, yet they all speak deeply of the person in whose voice they are written. Certainly, there are aspects of The Realm of Possibility that (like most of Levithan’s work) some would find controversial, yet I must say that this is a beautiful, touching book.


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