Three Terrible Trins

Author: Dick King-Smith

Illustrator: Mark Teague

Mrs. Gray, distraught over the loss of her third husband–this time to the cat–vows to dedicate the remainder of her life to training her three baby mice in the ways of guerrilla warfare. She teaches the three, whom she calls her “trins,” the speed, agility, sneakiness, and alertness necessary to bait a cat . . . such that they give the poor old deaf tom the scare of his life! And while the trins excel in foiling the cats and the house-owner’s other attempts at mouse murder, even Mrs. Gray might be surprised at the way the trins scorn the class system and bring many opposing branches of society together through the creation of a new sport. They may be terrible, but the trins are rather wonderful as well!

Three Terrible Trins was a really unexpected story that was actually given me by a family member to read–which just goes to show that it’s good to let other people recommend things to you sometimes. I really enjoyed this short, humorous, action-packed story by the author of the much more well-known Babe: The Gallant Pig. It’s the best sort of animal story–warm, funny, full of friendship and possibly even romance. The mice definitely get rid of the cats–in some very novel and creative ways–but no one really gets hurt. And best of all, there’s a happy ending. Three Terrible Trins is a good comfort-read sort of book and would be a great animal story to read to children, especially since the chapters are short.

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