Little Owl’s Night

Author/Illustrator: Divya Srinivasan

Little owl is enjoying a night out in the forest, admiring the quiet beauty of the world and visiting his animal friends on their nightly activities. He feels sorry for Bear who sleeps all night long and never gets to enjoy the lovely stars and moon. Finally, the night is drawing to a close, and little owl’s mother tells him a story about the dawn as he gently falls asleep.

Little Owl’s Night was an unexpected but fortuitous find for me. The art is lovely–simple and stylized, but with a surprising, luminous elegance. The story is also very simple, but it’s not stupid either (like too many contemporary children’s books). Rather, it’s just a quiet introduction to the night and the creatures that live in it. I think Little Owl’s Night would be a great read-aloud book for really little children before going to bed–it has a good flow for that sort of setting, plus it makes the night less scary.



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