The Lorax

Author/Illustrator: Dr. Seuss

The Once-ler tells of a time that was very different from the dark, dreary present. Back then, truffula trees were abundant, bright, and beautiful, and wildlife abounded in the area. But that was before the Once-ler got the bright idea to use truffula trees to make Thneeds and build his business bigger and bigger. . . .

Classic Seuss and a ringing cry for ecological awareness–what more could you want? The Lorax is definitely a classic children’s story, a story that is both fun and a great educational tool. The whimsical, bright illustrations, quirky made-up words, and rhythmic rhymed flow make this an extremely catchy story. I know the kids I know love it, although it’s a bit long for really little ones. Still, for preschool and early elementary this is great both to read aloud to them and for them to practice reading skills. And of course, the story is a great jumping off point for a discussion about preserving natural resources, avoiding pollution, etc. All around, The Lorax is a great children’s book–one adults should probably read more often.


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