Holidays in Gorilla Suits

Author: Kim Stinson

When her husband David was dying, leaving her with young children to support, he made Karen promise to start at least dating someone else within the next two years. Most of those two years have passed, and she and the kids do all right mostly, living with her dad and right next door to her best friend Shaina. The holidays are tough though, when she sends the kids to spend time with David’s parents and she’s left without that responsibility . . . with plenty of time to be depressed. All the while, her dad is trying to hook her up with his snobby doctor friend Greer, and Shaina’s dragging her out to drink and meet guys. Honestly, it’s hard to know what to do!

I had the privilege to see Holidays in Gorilla Suits performed at our local community college a little over a week ago. It was very enjoyable. The blend of comedy, angst, romance, and family and friendship issues is perfect–it works through real, contemporary issues in an authentic manner while still being funny and keeping a good pace. The characterizations are spot-on, and the plot flows naturally from who the characters are. I really appreciate the author’s use of holidays (actually the entire play is solely set during several different holidays) as times of heightened emotion and (for Karen in particular) of increased vulnerability. Currently this play isn’t available in print (to my knowledge), but when it does become available, I would definitely recommend reading it.



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