Café Latte Rhapsody

Mangaka: Touko Kawai

On first encountering Keito while working at the local bookstore, Serizawa’s impressions are generally: tall, scary, glaring. However, as he observes this unusual regular customer frequently, Seri’s impressions change drastically. More like, cute, shy, skittish, and nice.  And when he runs in to Keito on a rainy day–and finds that Keito is trying to pick up a couple of abandoned kittens–he is affirmed in his opinions of this tall, easily misunderstood young man. Their relationship blossoms (through kittens and lattes and books), until Seri finds that his feelings for Keito are something remarkably close to love. And in a wonder that he never would have expected, those feelings are reciprocated.

I’m too excited to be writing about Café Latte Rhapsody. The sweetness and straightforward earnestness is almost overpowering. But this is such a cute manga. Do be warned: there is a shounen ai/yaoi element. Obviously. Having said that, the mangaka does a great job at keeping the focus where it belongs–on the relationship not the sex–and also does well at keeping the visuals to a 16+ or thereabouts level, as opposed to a gross R level. And the art is super cute. The characters are well envisioned: just ordinary young men, nothing stereotypical, but with definite unique and interesting characters. As for the plot, well the characters themselves say it, their story reads like a shoujo manga–sweet, innocent, and romantic. For those who are okay with shounen ai/yaoi, Café Latte Rhapsody is definitely one of my top recommends.


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  1. One of favourite BL manga ever! It has the right balance of everything.


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