Rumic Theater

Mangaka: Rumiko Takahashi

We’re probably all familiar with issues like misjudging someone, hiding a pet in a no-pets-allowed apartment, or hearing an elderly acquaintance speak of past loves and mistakes–either through our own experiences of those of people near us. But I can almost guarantee that you’ve never experienced them on the scale that Takahashi-sensei writes in this wonderful collection of short manga. Whether it’s hiding an important client’s pet penguin, having their front gate mistaken as the garbage dump–by their boss who just moved into the neighborhood–or getting into arguments with her mother-in-law because of household gremlins, Rumic Theater is full of delightful domestic drama that is sure to amuse.

I am a long-standing fan of Takahashi-sensei’s writing, whether it’s a more domestic tale like Maison Ikkoku or a more action-filled tale such as Urusei Yatsura or Inuyasha. Regardless of the style, her manga are filled with sweet romance, poignant angst, and absurd humor, blended to perfection. Pair that with a very characteristic visual style–one that fits her writing wonderfully–and you’ve got an incredible manga. Rumic Theater is unique in that it is a collection of six short stories (many of her tales are epically–and possibly exhaustingly–long); however, it is classic Takahashi and definitely recommended, especially to those who prefer her more domestically-focused writing (as opposed to, say, feudal fantasies or crazy alien stories).

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