A Cat in Paris

Folimage Studio with Digit Anima, France 3 Cinéma, & Emage Animation Studios

Written by Alain Gagnol/Directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol/Produced by Jacques-Rémy Girerd/Music by Serge Besset

During the day, Dino is a loving housecat, cuddling up with little Zoë and bringing her gifts (like dead lizards) as she struggles through the trauma of losing her father and her voice and dealing with her mother’s busy schedule as a police officer/detective. During the night, on the other hand, Dino accompanies the cat-burglar Nico on his raids through Paris. When the man who murdered Zoë’s father comes back to the city intending to wreck more havoc, Dino’s two worlds are unexpectedly thrown together with both terrifying and heartwarming results.

I’m finding more and more that I really enjoy foreign movies–especially animated ones–and A Cat in Paris definitely helped to affirm this. The story is rich and multi-layered while not being too complex for kids to keep up with it at all. The characters are real and vivid, especially the protagonists and extra especially Nico (in my opinion). The setting is really neat: Paris as seen through the eyes of a native, as opposed to the stereotyped view you would get if an American studio did this. And the art! I can’t decide if it’s more like a high-quality graphic novel or more museum-style modern art–either way, it’s beautiful, unique, expressive, and immensely fitting. I love it! Add to that a fun, jazzy soundtrack, and you’ve got an excellent movie for both children and adults.


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