Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl

Author: Daniel Pinkwater

Unwilling to stay bored in her own plane of existence, Audrey hops on a bus and travels to what is presumably our own plane of existence. After a while, she catches a ride to New York, but due to various circumstances, only makes it as far as Poughkeepsie, where she finds a job in a bookshop dedicated to extraterrestrials . . . where her cat-whiskered appearance is a selling point as the shopkeepers are convinced she’s an extraterrestrial herself, despite her best attempts to explain her origins. While in Poughkeepsie, Audrey meets others who make her seem nearly normal: a mountain dwerg who thinks she’s crazy, a professor who actually is crazy (but only part of the year), and a creature who makes everyone else cringe in fear but who looks like an adorable puppy to Audrey, to name a few. Not to mention the fact that everybody thinks Audrey is another cat-whiskered girl who apparently lived in the area, like, a hundred years ago!

I admit, I originally picked this book up because of the title–I mean, who wouldn’t want to read the Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl?! When I saw the Neil Gaiman & Cory Doctorow recommendations on the back, I was doubly hooked, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed in what I read. Reading this book feels like joining a secret society or something niche like that–it’s super weird in the best way possible, with all kinds of things that don’t make sense at all, only they actually do. And the characters are such a zany mixed up bunch–they’re super fun to meet along the journey. Seriously, Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl is a trip you won’t soon forget–I highly recommend checking it out!


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