The Game

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Hayley has lived with her quiet, absent granddad and her strict demanding grandmother for as long as she can remember, isolated in their demanding, silent, structured home and never meeting others her own age. So when she is sent to her aunt’s home in the middle of a family reunion with cousins everywhere, she is–needless to say–just a bit overwhelmed. Still, she pulls herself together and quickly endears herself in the hearts of the family members she has just met. And just when she thinks she’s going to be okay with staying at her aunt’s, the cousins pull out “the game”–a “game” that is dangerous and earnest and just possibly deadly if she’s not careful . . . but that is exhilaratingly fun as well.

Diana Wynne Jones–need I say more? I love all of her novels, and The Game is no exception. This is a brilliant, quick little story . . . almost more of a concept study than a story. Or rather, it is a complete and wonderful story, but one that is based on and explains certain concepts and basically limits itself to those concepts. I know, that makes no sense–read the book, and you’ll understand. Essentially, Jones takes a collection of characters from classical Greek mythology, mixes in the idea that stories create a world of their own, connected to but separate from our own, and sticks all of that into a fairly modern world. It’s kind of mindblowing, but in a good way, an imagination-expanding way. I really loved The Game and would definitely recommend it, especially to lovers of classical mythology and those who appreciate the power of Story.

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  1. This is one of my favorite books by Diana Wynne Jones.


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