Mangaka: CLAMP

Traveling to earth to search for a dear friend and mentor, Hisui, the angel Kohaku becomes stuck in quite a pinch–or to be specific, in a tree. When this bumbling, innocent little angel is rescued by the tall, dark, and handsome (human) Shuichiro Kudo, Kohaku truly desires to repay his help . . . but Shuichiro won’t, or can’t, think of anything he would want in repayment. Determined to repay Shuichiro’s kindness, Kohaku sticks around–and ends up freeloading at Shuichiro’s place. Whoops. While there, Kohaku grows closer to Shuichiro, is bullied incessantly by the devil Koryu, and eventually does find the missing angel Hisui . . . in the company of Kokuyo, one of the worst devils out there. From which point, things get immensely sticky.

Wish is one of the sweetest, saddest manga I’ve read. I really love it. The characters are great, all of them, although I think Hisui is my favorite–so calm, so unpredictable. The plot is a really sweet romance of sorts, although (per CLAMP’s usual) there’s a nice mix of tragedy, intrigue, mystery, and comedy thrown in. The art is really pretty/cute, although it’s definitely not CLAMP’s standard style: one of the outstanding features of Wish is that the art is primarily done by Mick Nekoi (the only others I can think of are Legal Drug and Suki). As for the basic framework of the story, it kind of bugs me that the mangaka take Christian theology and totally throw it off; it’s more like a fantasy that uses the ideas of heaven and hell, angels and devils, as alternate worlds. Still, if you can just think of it as a fantasy, it works. Also, regarding gender in this manga: technically in the original, both angels and devils are genderless; however, in the English angels are referred to in the feminine and devils in the masculine. This basically works, sort of, until you realize that Hisui looks and is treated more like a guy in Legal Drug. I would like it so much more if it were possible to translate without imposing gender, but it really doesn’t work in English. Oh well. Despite these issues, I really love Wish and would recommend it to anyone interested in a super-sweet shoujo fantasy.

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