The Lost Boy

Author/Illustrator: Greg Ruth

Nate has just moved into a new town, and within minutes of entering his now home, he finds a secret stash of audio reels and an old tape recorder/player. As he begins to listen to these tapes with his new neighbor Tabitha, they discover that these recordings belonged to Walt Pidgin–a boy who disappeared years before. And that’s not the worst of it; the tapes reveal Walt’s uncanny encounters with the strange creatures in his town. And of course, now that Nate and Tabitha are aware of their existence, said strange creatures are getting eerily involved in their lives as well.

I originally picked up The Lost Boy just because it has a really cool cover. It definitely lives up to the cover, and then some. This graphic novel is eerie, creepy, bizarre, but also extremely creative and skillfully crafted. The concept is kind of Twilight Zone-ish–definitely spooky–and the execution of the concept is quite well done. The characters are excellent, very well developed for a graphic novel. I think the writer does a great job of using the art to build the characters’ personalities–the facial expressions and such are very, well, expressive. The art in general is quite realistic and detailed, even for the parts that have little basis in reality. The Lost Boy is definitely the stuff of nightmares, but it’s quite well written. I would definitely recommend this graphic novel to anyone who’s up for something a bit creepy.


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