Curses! Foiled Again

Author: Jane Yolen

Illustrator: Mike Cavallaro

Sequel to: Foiled

Aliera Carstairs is starting to get used to the idea of being the Defender, the one meant to protect the well-being of all the Seelie fairies and such with her weapon (it’s NOT a sword, okay?). As for having the most handsome boy in school tagging around after her and declaring his loyalty . . . well, that would be great if he weren’t a troll. Like, literally. But considering that he is, of course Aliera cuts Avery off and tells him to shut up, even when he has something important to say. And when the unthinkable happens and all the fairies disappear–good, bad, or otherwise–rather than finding Avery and asking for advice, Aliera turns to her brilliant cousin Caroline. Who does give effective advice . . . to return to the beginning to find the answers she seeks. What Caroline doesn’t know is just how dangerous finding those answers might be.

Curses! Foiled Again is a great follow-up to Jane Yolen’s wonderful graphic novel Foiled. Like the original, the sequel has a solid storyline and great characters. I really enjoyed seeing more of Caroline (and I really want to see what will blossom among this threesome in future volumes. There will be future volumes, right?). This story is more of a fantasy adventure and less of a fencing story than Foiled was, but it still has a cool fencing element and carries the general themes and style through well. And of course, it has plenty of fun references, although again, not as many as in the prior volume. The art is expressive and dynamic–I’ve said it before, but I love the visual contrast between the mundane monochromatic “real world” and the brilliantly colored fairy elements. Very nice visual and conceptual contrast both. Curses! Foiled Again is definitely a recommended graphic novel–just read Foiled first.


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