Emily the Strange: Chairman of the Bored

Authors/Illustrators: Rob Reger, Brian Brooks, & Jessica Gruner

You think you’re bored? Well, Emily Strange is BORED! Fortunately, she has lots of experience with boredom and knows exactly what to do. Whether it’s distribute Strange Sauce at the school cafeteria and watch the grisly results, think up an unlucky (but perfect for a  Dark Girl) number of alternative uses for a wire hanger, or create macabre mixed taxidermy, Emily’s sure to find something to relieve her boredom. The question is, is the rest of the world ready for what she dreams up? . . . I think not.

Chairman of the Bored was an interesting outtake on the Emily Strange books, in my opinion. It’s the first of a set of loosely-termed “graphic novels” featuring our favorite antisocial Dark Girl heroine(?). I say “loosely-termed” because there’s nothing like a dominating storyline at all. Rather, the entire volume is a collection of short comics, diagrams, poems, and mock-advertisements–all featuring Emily’s boredom and methods of mitigating such. While the collection was really random, I felt like it stuck with the spirit of the Emily Strange novels, and it did have some quite interesting content. Emily the Strange: Chairman of the Bored is a “graphic novel” that I would recommend for current fans of the other Emily Strange books–particularly if you’re bored.

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